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Give the Dryer Some Space

Install the DryerBox® for safer, roomier and more efficient homes!.

Dryerbox Exhaust Receptacle

In the past, homeowners had to put up with the inefficient venting of their dryer appliance exhaust due to numerous friction causing bends or kinks in the flex duct hose that connects the dryer to the wall exhaust pipe. Lint build-up and a fire hazard are the unwelcome by-products of these annoying bends. In order to accommodate these flow restrictive bends, the dryer appliance had to be located five to six inches away from the wall, taking away from valuable living area.

Choosing the Dryerbox recessed exhaust receptacle makes for a simpler, cleaner install that truly finishes the laundry right. You’ll protect the exhaust hose neatly in the wall, and you’ll be able to place the dryer flush to the wall without crushing the hose or otherwise restricting airflow. Adding this receptacle makes homes roomier and more efficient. It also makes them safer by reducing the fire hazard associated with dryer venting problems. It’s even UL Classified for a 1-hour wall.

In-Wall Connection

  • Cleaner, More Professional Finish
  • Safer, Roomier, More Efficient Homes
  • Give the Dryer Some Space
  • Let the Dryer Perform at Peak Efficiency
  • Help Protect Against Fire Spread
  • Protect Exhaust Duct in the Wall




Code Approved – 500% More Airflow Efficient

Install the Dryer-Ell to overcome length of run issues and increase efficiency. Its longer radius and smooth interior reduce friction loss. In fact, UL has proven it to be 500% more airflow efficient than sectioned elbows.


Aluminum Ribbon Dryer Exhaust Duct

DryerFlex® combines the ease-of-use and flexibility of foil flex with the fire resistance and airflow efficiency of semi-rigid transition duct.


  Low profile and clean lines help enhance exterior beauty. With a heavy gauge galvanized and powder coated   steel body, the DryerWallVent is made to last.

  Dryer Jack

Rugged, safe and efficient roof venting with superior airflow efficiency

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