Since its beginning, Atmosphere has experienced a significant growth rate and expects this rate to increase substantially as we expand into new markets. When Atmosphere first open its’ doors in 1998, the head office was based in a 2 000 s.f. warehouse in Montreal. As business grew, we moved to a 14 000 s.f. warehouse and since the beginning of 2008 Atmosphere has built its’ own 46 000 s.f. green building warehouse and head office in Terrebonne, Quebec. This ecological building contains many environmentally friendly features including one of the largest vegetative green roof in Canada.

Supplying our customers with high quality products is not only our promise, but the basic philosophy which drives all of our activities to set new standards with the latest technology and innovative design. The immediate future burns bright with a significant new market in North America. As the ventilation business expands rapidly with new technologies, Atmosphere is poised to service these markets with the same high level attention to detail that has served our current customers so well.

In the years ahead, Atmosphere will continue its focus of manufacturing more and more products for you, our customers. We promise you the highest possible quality at competitive pricing with ever improving service levels. As we reflect upon our past, we offer ourthanks to you, our customers, for allowing us to serve you. We are also grateful to our Atmosphere team who is committed to our growth, to the production of quality products, and to the servicing of our customers.

Products – Atmosphere

Inline fans that are all about performance, reliability, and quality all wrapped up into one package to ensure peace of mind for years

 VTX Series – Premium High Performance Inline Fan Series

High performance inline blowers with superior steel construction and a hammertone powder coat finish. The Speed controllable and balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation. 10-year warranty.

  • From 198 to 1124 CFM Prewired with 120V power cord
  • 100% speed controllable easing air flow adjustment
  • AMCA Air Listed
  • 4″ to 12″ duct diameters
  • Aerodynamic design allowing more air flow
  • External rotor motor with automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140°F (60°C)
  • 10 year warranty
  • ETL Listed


VTX Series Dryer – Premium High Performance Dryer Booster Fans

Dryer exhaust duct power ventilator that reduces drying times and energy consumption. The fan automatically turns on when the dryer begins to operate.

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • LED indicator panel for operation status
  • Reduce drying times and energy consumption
  • High temperature thermal fuse for safety
  • Complies with IRC code
  • All metal housing with a powder coat finish ensuring long lasting rust protection
  • Quick connect duct clamps and duct section for easy maintenance
  • Automatically energizes when the dryer begins to operate. No user interaction necessary!
  • Minimum of 1,200 FPM air velocity


BC Series – Lite Economical Inline Fan Series

Specifically designed for warm and humid applications, the Vortex Powerfan BC Series are available in sizes ranging from 4″ to 12″ and can develop up to 1010 CFM. Every model is built for a connection to a standard round duct.

  • Brackets included for wall or ceiling mount
  • Permanently lubricated steel bearings
  • External rotor motor with automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140F (60C)
  • Aerodynamic design allowing more air flow
  • Airflow capacity from 173 to 1010 CFM
  • Speed controllable


V SERIES – High CFM Light Commercial Inline Fan Series

Equipped with a mixed-flow impeller that allows for a greater air volume compared to other impeller designs, these fans operate at a lower RPM (1500 to 1700) and, consequently, are quieter.

  • From 2050 to 4515 CFMs
  • 12″ to 16″ duct diameters
  • Aerodynamic design allowing more air flow
  • Powercord included
  • 100% speed controllable, easing air flow adjustment, for better balancing of
    the ventilation system. (optional speed control)
  • Galvanized mounting brackets for horizontal or vertical installation.
    (sold separately)
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty.


S LINE – Supply or Exhaust High Performance Fan Series

Mixed flow fans designed for residential and light commercial ventilation applications. Compact, powerful and quiet, these fans are ideally suited for either supply or exhaust ventilation systems.

  • 10 years warranty
  • 100% speed controllable
  • 6″ to 10″ duct diameters
  • Energy efficient variable speed motor
  • Prewired with 120V powercord
  • Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140° F (60° C)



Destratification fan that creates uniform air temperatures from floor to ceiling for maximum thermal comfort and energy savings up to 35% in the heating season and up to 25% in the cooling season.

  • 10 years warranty
  • Effective in facilities with ceiling heights from 15′ to 75′ high
  • Run independently of existing HVAC system
  • Airflow can be directed along any vector for precision use. It is easy to angle the fan to direct airflow to hit or miss a particular area.
  • Speed controllable, allowing fine-tuning for individual comfort
  • Quiet, energy-efficient fans, delivering a focused, easy-to-direct column of air
  • Includes 3 types of UL approved fast-mounting hardware
  • ETL Listed
Most cylindrical-type air filters utilize 65% of the carbon available by only filtering through the top section of the carbon filter, leaving the bottom section unused. Vortex PROfilter’s innovative patented design allows reversal of the filter, benefitting of 100% of the carbon available and extending the unit’s lifespan. Manufactured with only the finest high porosity activated carbon, Vortex PROfilter effectively removes 99.5% of odors. Rated for a continuous worry-free operation and available in many different sizes and CFM ratings, Vortex PROfilter can be used for industrial, commercial or residential applications

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