infraAIR HVAC Essentials

HVAC Essentials:

  • Clothes Dryer Booster Fan Control
  • Supply/Exhaust Grill
  • Backdraft Damper
  • Solid State Speed Control
  • Air vent Lint Trap
  • HVAC Air Trap by Des Champs
  • Dryerbox – Dryer Vent Box
  • Tape – Polyken and Nashua
  • Avery – all weather foil sealant
  • Vapor Boots – exhaust fan vapour barrier
  • Egg Crate – Return Air Grill Aluminum /Plastic


HVAC Air-Trap™ waterless traps allow liquid condensate to drain from the HVAC equipment and simultaneously prevent air from entering or escaping from the equipment.

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Con-cur Dryer Booster Fan Control senses as soon as your clothes dryer draws more than 1 amp of current and automatically turns on the booster fan.

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HVAC Essentials include tapes, vapor boot barriers, eggcrates, dryerbox and amp sensing relays.

By leading brands such as Avery Dennison, Berry Global, Nashua, American Louver and Dryerbox