infraAIR HVAC Essentials

HVAC Essentials:

  • Clothes Dryer Booster Fan Control
  • Supply/Exhaust Grill
  • Backdraft Damper
  • Solid State Speed Control
  • Air vent Lint Trap
  • HVAC Air Trap by Des Champs
  • Dryerbox – Dryer Vent Box
  • Tape – Polyken and Nashua
  • Avery – all weather foil sealant
  • Vapor Boots – exhaust fan vapour barrier
  • Egg Crate – Return Air Grill Aluminum /Plastic


No more Dry trap Syndrome, Frozen and broken traps, Space issues, Sludge and build up in the trap You need to prime your trap to ensure enough water. Empty traps release conditioned air. Standard p traps can be a challenge to refill with water on roof top.

Keeps pressure with ball in place Allows condensation/water to escape Standard P trap needs 6 ” height and our needs
only 3″ of space AHR 2021 Award for Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Essentials include tapes, vapor boot barriers, eggcrates, dryerbox and amp sensing relays.

By leading brands such as Avery Dennison, Berry Global, Nashua, American Louver and Dryerbox