Primex Manufacturing

Established in 1971 and headquartered in Langley, British Columbia, Primex Manufacturing Ltd. (Primex) is a molder of plastic injection products. From its roots as a small custom injection molder and through the combination of Primex’s predecessor companies, Va nguard Plastics, Premo Plastics and VPL Enterprises Ltd., Primex has developed broad capabilities in the design, engineering and mol d fabrication of a number of proprietary, patented in-house plastic products.

Seven Reasons Primex Plastic Wall Caps Protect the Building Envelope

1. Extended Base
Designed in concert with building envelop professionals, the WC series features a 3′′ extended base that is compatible with the rainscreen method of design common to the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest construction industry.

2. Built-in Drip Edge and Drainage Channel
Move water away from building and keep it safe and dry, even in the wettest weather.

3. Removable Hood
Cleaning and maintenance are a snap with easy access to the ductwork, without breaking the seal of the building envelope.

4. Mounting Flange
Installation is easy and the over-sized flange gives additional protection against water intrusion.

5. Single Piece Base
The seamless design eliminates leaks through joints and seams found in metal vents.

6. Variety of Colors, Sizes, Shapes
Fits into the aesthetic design of any building and will not rust or wear.

7. Consistent Quality
The manufacturing process reduces the potential for human error. You can expect the exact same, high quality vent, every time.

No Rust, No Leaks, No Worries

Our own team of in-house engineers and desiners have learned a lot from collaborating with industry experts. Those lessons are applied to our mold designs to include product features that ensure leak free installations. Such as extra large flanges and built-in drip-edges that lead water away from the event and seamless molds that allow zero tolerance for leaks.

Best of all, plastic never rusts. Ever. Since Primax uses only high grade resin with the maximum amount of UV protection, our vents stay looking great for years. Plastic is also impact resistant, even at low temperatures. Primex vents won’t dent or crack when hit with a baseball or hockey puck. They maintain their “like new” look even after a hail strom that would dent a metal vent.

DC Series – Terminator Diffuser Collar

TerminatorTM (DC Series) from Primex is a termination for round ducting and a collar for diffusers and grilles in air distribution systems. The strong, industrialgrade plastic is durable and lightweight. Terminator is the solution to sloppy, inaccurate termination of HVAC ducting. This unique product is ideal for HRV, ERV and in-line fan supply and exhaust terminations. Simply hold it in place on the joist or stud; it attaches in seconds. The 90° back-stop ensures a level mounting position. Ducting fits over the top collar and the rigidity the bottom circular opening ensures the diffusers and grilles stay snug against the finished surface.


Watch Video on Primex Diffuser Collar

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