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The Primex Trim Plate Series (501) is a trio of rainscreen-compatible, double drip-edge finishing plates for electrical, plumbing and custom applications. The series meets the stringent requirements of the Alberta Building code that pertains to the “trimming out’ of building envelope penetrations. The Series consists of the 501B (blank, custom fit), 501R (rectangular cut, electrical), and 501T (round, plumbing).

• Excellent for door bells, HVAC Pipes, electrical outlets, water pipes.
• Eliminates leaky joints and maximises water protection with one-piece mold and top and bottom drip edges.
• Integrity of the building envelope is maintained with seamless mold and over-sized flange.
• Long lasting durability with UV-protected, impact resistant, polymer resin.
• Reduces chance of injury with no sharp corners or metal edges that can cut or scrape.
• 501R can use 201W for retrofit applications.
• Meets code and saves time without having to form drip edge in the field.


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