The Perfect Temperature In Every Room

Flair Smart Vents

Smart zoning made simple. All your customers have that room; the room that’s always too hot or too cold. They need the living room at 68, and the kid’s room needs to be cooler than their bedroom.

They need room-by-room temperature control. Flair’s Pucks and Smart Vents use advanced machine learning to make this a reality. Fast and easy to install, you can zone a home before lunch!

Pucks and Mini Splits

The Flair Puck makes your mini split smart. Instantly.

Bring WiFi control to over 250 brands of mini splits. It’s the smart thermostat for the rest of

Give your customers features they want, like 7-day scheduling and temperature control based on the room temperature, not the temperature at the mini split. The Flair Puck also saves money by turning off the AC or heat when the family is away. It’s the perfect companion to any mini split.

Flair for Pros

The Flair for Pros program is for qualified dealers, contractors, builders and distributors. Flair Pros receive access to the exclusive store, sales and training materials, submittal sheets, priority support, and inbound sales leads.

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