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DryerJack – Flat roof, 2.75” integral curb flashing – Mill Finish

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For dryer efficiency and safety, the shortest and straightest ducting route is always best. Every turn increases friction loss (unless you use non-restrictive elbows). Air velocity reduction from friction loss promotes lint build up and makes the dryer work harder to completely dry each load. Length of run also reduces efficiency. The longer the run, the more friction loss is created which is why building code restricts total run length. Often, going straight up through the roof is the shortest route.

While elbows and length-of-run are important factors for efficiency and safety, the exhaust termination is often the biggest restriction point. The DryerJack®, in fact, was born of extensive testing of the Dryerbox and Dryer-ell and how they improve airflow. In real-world tests, inefficient roof terminations would often all but negate the improved efficiency of eliminating restrictive elbows. While it sometimes made sense to vent through the roof, every roof vent that had previously been used was inefficient (often to a dangerous degree). In order to take advantage of the shortest route, a better termination was required


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