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Better Buildings for a Better Tomorrow

By bringing leading technologies to the local market, infraAIR is creating better buildings for a better tomorrow with clean, energy-efficient, and smart home solutions.

Better Home Solutions

Better Products:

  1. Delta Breez– Residential and Light Commercial Ventilation Systems
  2. Fresh Aire UV– Award-winning UV light and carbon products to fight mold, bacteria, viruses and odors.
  3. Perfect Aire – Residential Air Conditioners, Mini Splits, Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, PTAC
  4. Ecobee – Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Thermostats and sensors
  5. SUPCO – Products designed for the HVAC/R and appliance parts industries.
  6. Primex – HVAC vents, roof vents, dryer vents, soffit vents. Wall caps and gutter accessories.
  7. Flair–Smart Vents and Smart Thermostat connects with Central Systems, fireplaces, and Mini Splits
  8. Fox Air Systems– ERV/HRV air filter using UV light and activated carbon to fight mold, bacteria, viruses and odors.
  9. Vortex Fans– High Performance Inline Duct Blowers, filters, and Lint Traps
  10. Arzel Zoning – Pneumatic zoning products for Residential and Commercial Buildings.

Better Building Solutions

Building Products:

  • Clothes Dryer Booster Fan Control
  • Supply/Exhaust Grill
  • Backdraft Damper
  • Solid State Speed Control
  • Air vent Lint Trap
  • HVAC Air Trap by Des Champs
  • •Dryerbox – Dryer Vent Box
  • Tape – Polyken and Nashua
  • Avery – all weather foil sealant
  • Vapor Boots – exhaust fan vapour barrier
  • Egg Crate – Return Air Grill Aluminum /Plastic