AIRMIX Destratification Fans

Tired of wa$ting money & energy heating the ceiling?

The word DESTRATIFICATION may be several syllables long, but it’s not a difficult concept to understand and apply. Air in any large enclosure, particularly conditioned air that has been heated in winter, or cooled in summer, tends to stratify or collect in layers.

Warmer, lighter air lifts toward the ceiling and heavier, cooler air sinks toward the floor. This naturally occurring process is called Thermal Stratification.

AIRMIX Destratifier Fans are purpose-designed to break up energy-robbing air strata by creating vertical convection currents that recirculate heated or cooled air, economically and efficiently.

Save on your heating/cooling budget, increase comfort levels and reduce your footprint. You know where the ‘cold spots’ are; every winter staff complain, plug in space heaters or crank up the thermostat. Up goes the heat, out through the ceiling.

Now you can take control of the air in your building, redirecting the heat you paid for back to where it’s needed, all winter long. Likewise you can more effectively redistribute cooled air on summer dog days. No more ‘hot spots’ or uneven areas during hotter season.

Keep your customers, employees, volunteers and staff comfortable and refreshed – winter or summer, with AIRMIX Destratifier Fans.

Old-style, tri-blade flat ceiling fans don’t have much downward thrust to break through air stratification.
At best they move air horizontally and only in the immediate vicinity.
Here’s the GOOD NEWS: AIRMIX DESTRATIFIER is designed aerodynamically for straight-through airflow with extended reach to create convection air currents. The mixed-flow impeller increases airflow quietly and economically. In addition, AIRMIX DESTRATIFIER is mounted with a multi-directional yoke for targeted airflow. Air volume can be controlled with a solid-state speed control for maximum seasonal efficiency.

AIRMIX DESTRATIFIERS, strategically mounted at ceiling level throughout your auditorium, warehouse, grocery store, showroom, restaurant, hangar or other large enclosure, will do some, or all, of the following:

· Up to 35% reduction of heating costs

· Up to 30% reduction of cooling costs

· More comfortable working environment

· Improve efficiency of HVAC systems

· Utilize process heat, lighting and solar gain

· Reduce run time on HVAC equipment

· Reduce internal condensation and damp floors