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4″ X 90 DEGREE SQUEEZE ELBOW..115-0882

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The Primex 90° Squeeze Elbow (EB4X90) offers a venting solution for tight 2×4 wall and ceiling spaces. Designed to work well with the Primex WG4, WGX4S, RDV4 and DC4 air diffuser products, this unit offers a fast rough-in for quick and easy installation.

• Impact-resistant, durable Polymer resin 4” x 90° plastic stack hood elbow.
• Compatible with several 4” diameter PrimexVents vents.
• Designed to fit inside 2 x 4 walls where space is restricted.
• Works well with WG4, WGX4S, RDV4 and DC4.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Fast rough-in.


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