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Con-cur 0.5A-50A Rated 0.3A

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Con-cur Dryer Booster Fan Control

These are the same controls used in more than a quarter million condos/apartments. Con-Cur senses as soon as your clothes dryer draws more than 1 amp of current. It automatically turns on your dryer booster fan, eliminating additional sensors, switches, or speed controls. When current drops below the pre-set 2-amp threshold, the Con-Cur Dryer Booster Fan Control automatically shuts off the booster fan.

Mount it:

  1. inside your dryer compartment, or
  2. at the dryer junction box

The dryer supply neutral (white) wire passes through the current transformer cutout with no physical connection to the control.

IMPORTANT: A licensed electrician is the best person to install this equipment. Be sure to adhere to local provisions and national electrical codes. Verify industry standards prior to installation.


Note that some low voltage dryers operate at a lower voltage, and as such, Con-Cur current sensors must be field tested for the specific model in operation. infraAIR is not responsible for any compatibility issues or installation costs incurred. This includes any legal claims or lawsuits arising from such issues. Our standard return policies, as posted on our website, apply. The field test must be conducted by a licensed electrician to confirm that the new dryer operates correctly with the relay according to the dryer cycle.


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