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Back Draft Damper, 8″

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BDD backdraft dampers improve comfort and save energy and money by keeping unwanted air from entering a duct when a fan is not operating. This can be very beneficial in keeping outside air from being drawn into a room, or preventing the reversal of indoor air when a number of fans are joined to exhaust through a common duct.  Utilizing a backdraft damper in this manner prevents air that is being exhausted from one area from backing up into other areas connected by the common duct.

The spring loaded dampers are available in 4″, 5″, 6″, & 8″models with a center pin design and a 10″ & 12″ center post design.


Features & Benefits of BDD Spring Loaded Backdraft Dampers :

  • Neoprene damper seal minimizes leakage
  • 20 gauge steel housing, aluminum spring loaded butterfly damper blades
  • Gasket designed to withstand temperatures from -22 F to 180 F
  • Requires from 0.04 to 0.08 in. wg pressure to open
  • Simple installation in any position – entire assembly inserts into duct
  • Exterior foam gasket assures a tight seal against duct
  • 4″, 5″, 6″ & 8″ sizes include stamped metal sleeve with center pin design
  • 10″ & 12″ sizes include rolled metal sleeve with center post design


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