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Back Draft Damper, 14″

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BDD backdraft dampers improve comfort and save energy and money by keeping unwanted air from entering a duct when a fan is not operating. This can be very beneficial in keeping outside air from being drawn into a room, or preventing the reversal of indoor air when a number of fans are joined to exhaust through a common duct.  Utilizing a backdraft damper in this manner prevents air that is being exhausted from one area from backing up into other areas connected by the common duct.

The gravity damper features a galvanized steel housing and aluminum butterfly damper blades.


Features & Benefits of BDD Gravity Operated Backdraft Dampers

  • Low air leakage design
  • Galvanized steel housing, aluminum butterfly damper blades
  • Gravity operated closure
  • Install in horizontal or vertical (upblast only) position
  • Suitable for supply or exhaust applications
  • Available in three sizes: 7″, 14″ & 16″ sizes


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